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Very cute Pikachu Mouse which is great for Pokemon fans

Product Specifications

Size: 115 * 75 * 40mm

DPI : 1200

Receiving Distance: 8m (depending on the wireless environment in the vicinity of the job, and when there are more wireless interference sources nearby, it may lead to shorter wireless operating distances.)

Correct Installation of Mouse Battery

Step 1: Remove the battery cover

Step 2: Put two AA (7) alkanline batteries (NOT INCLUDED IN PACKAGE) into the battery box. Note that the positive and negative polarity of the battery must be correct.

Step 3: Install the battery cover and finish the battery.

Correct Installation of the Receiver

From the bottom of the mouse USB receiver, insert the USB receiver on the USD interface to the freem for the first time installation, the system will prompt you to find an available USB devices, and automatically installation is complete.

When the receiver is complete, you can safely enjoy your wireless mouse by clicking the mouse button or the scroll button.

Weight1.22 kg

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