One Piece Hidden Dissectibles Figures Blind Box Series Five


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Set sail on the Grand Line again with wave 5 of Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles blind box series. Each figure stands 4 inches tall with a dissected anatomy design. This collection features 6 standard characters (Robin, Nami, Toko, Hiyori, Carrot, Tama and Moon Lion Carrot) and each box of 6 has a chance to contain rare (Moon Lion Carrot is rare one)figure.

Each tray comes with 6 individually and randomly packed blind boxes. To top it all off, each tray comes in a beautiful display case! Start collecting today!

  • Each piece Individually packed in printed box.
  • Single-box purchases are random.
  • One whole set includes 6 figures with some duplicated figures.

Product Specifications

Material: PVC+ ABS

Height: Approx. 7.62cm-10.16cm


Single (Sent by Random), One Set of 6


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